Chinese Poplar

General Characteristics

Yellow Poplar contains two species. The Yellow Poplar of North America (Litulipifera) and a Chinese specie (L. chinensis). Both species are hardwoods and look alike microscopically. The sapwood of both species are similar – almost white. The heartwood color of the North American Poplar may have the colors of dark green, purple, blue and yellow. Some heartwood is black. The heartwood of the Chinese Poplar is mostly tan, light brown and medium brown.

Wood Structure

The wood is straight grained and uniform in texture.

Wood Properties

Chinese Poplar is light to moderately hard and, once kiln dried, dimensionally stable.

Working Properties

Poplar is one of the easiest of all hardwoods to work with hand or machine tools. It is a favorite of interior trim carpenters for its workability and finishing and painting qualities. There is no pitch or resin in Poplar.

Wood Utilization/Uses

• Interior Trim
• Interior Flat Jambs
• Interior Millwork

Summary of Benefits

• Small Movement in Service – Dimensionally Stable
• Low Shrinkage Coefficient
• Moderate Physical Weight
• Easy to Nail, Screw or Staple
• Easy to Work with all Tools
• Easy to glue and paint

Products Offered

Asia Building Materials offers Clear, Poplar Boards and Pattern Stock. Two Coat Factory Primed – Bright White. First Coat Alkyd Oil, Second Coat Acrylic Latex.
All Poplar Boards and Pattern Stock are Standard 16’ Lengths and Fully Reversible.

• Kiln Dried
• S4S
• Square Edge
• FJ and or FJ/EG
• Waterproof Glue
• Two Coat Factory Primed 4 Sides, Both Ends
• 180 Grit Sanded 4 Sides after Priming
• Standard ALS Widths
• Fully Reversible

Standard Product Line

• 4/4 (3/4”) – 1 x 2, 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, 1 x 10 and 1 x 12

Pattern Stock – S2S – T&G or Ship Lap

• 4/4 (3/4) – 1 x 6 and 1 x 8

Informational Source

USDA Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin

Factory Primed - Two Coat
Factory Primed - Two Coat


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